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Customized CAD Drawings

Stetson Building Products Form Division uses state of the art computer aided drafting equipment operated by experienced drafters to provide clear, concise erection drawings for our customer's use on all rental projects. 

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 Concrete Forms





Insulated Concrete Forms | ICFs | from NUDURA provide design professionals, architects, home owners and contractors a more efficient way to build Insulated Concrete Form structures. Building with ICF'S allow concrete homes and commercial buildings to be built stronger, more energy efficient, more comfortable and more environmentally friendly. ICFs provide greater energy solutions for any structure. A NUDURA home or commercial buildings superior energy performance is the result of NUDURA forms working in conjunction with the thermal mass of a solid concrete core to provide one of the most energy efficient and airtight wall systems available today. Building has Evolved with NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms.

The forms are stacked, reinforced and then filled with concrete, creating a solid reinforced monolithic concrete wall. Building with NUDURA offers a variety of advantages over traditional building methods. NUDURA offers form thicknesses consisting of 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” and 12 inches allowing you to build your project to the most demanding design requirements.

Building technology has seen rapid advances in recent years, with owners, architects, designers, and builders looking for newer, more efficient ways to build their projects more comfortable, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly. NUDURA insulated concrete forms have met these demands on all types of projects from the small private residence to large educational and military projects.

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