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Alisply System

The Alisply system is a high-strength concrete forming system designed for fast-paced gangform operations.

Panels and fillers

This metric, modular system consists of a galvanized steel frame and a phenolic resin-coated 15 mm (5/8") plywood face. It provides the strength; durability and finish needed for most gangforming applications.

Alisply has the strength required for the large contact areas and fast pour rates common in large gangform applications. With a design pressure of 6000 kg/m2 (1228.8 psf), only two ties are needed for 3 meter panel heights.

Alisply forms can be used horizontally or vertically, even within the same gang. Available in various widths from 25 to 200 cm, and heights of 1 or 3 meters, this wide range of panel and filler sizes means that you'll be able to form almost any wall dimension. When combined with inside and outside corners and accessories, pilasters, bulkheads and columns can be formed with standard equipment, minimizing costly job-built forming operations.

Connecting Clamp

Attaching and removing the Connecting Clamp requires no tools. A simple lever action opens and closes the "jaws", and a large tension screw is easily adjusted by hand. This clamp is used vertically or horizontally on panels, fillers and corners. Whether side-by-side or stacked, Alisply forms are easy to connect.

Adjustable Clamp

The Adjustable Clamp also requires no tools to install. The large wing nut on the handle adjusts the clamping "jaws" to accommodate lumber fillers up to 25 cm (10") wide. Like the Connecting Clamp, the Adjustable Clamp can be used vertically or horizontally to create the exact dimension required.

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