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Symons flexible steel concrete forming system designed for round concrete tanks and curved walls

Form Flex panels are delivered to the job-site pre-assembled to the required radius. No expensive job-built templates are needed to put this patented forming system to use.

The Form Flex system consists of a flexible, 3/16" steel-faced panel that follows the shape of a rolled angle rib. The rib is bolted to panel stiffeners to securely hold the form to the specified radius. Changing the forming radius for different project conditions is as simple as changing the rib.
The Form Flex concrete forming system produces an excellent concrete surface that normally requires no additional finishing. Because the Form Flex panel flexes to form the radius, "chording" is virtually eliminated.

Pre-Rolled Steel Ribs Set the Radius

Factory rolled top and bottom ribs bolt to flexible panels to shape and securely hold the form in the radius you require. Panels conform precisely to the radius of the ribs - this design assures that you'll get the correct radius every time. And, with a straight rib, you can produce a straight wall if needed.

Fast and Simple Erection

Panels are delivered to the jobsite pre-assembled to your required radius. There are no expensive templates to build; no need to torque bolts; just begin erecting forms.
If the job requires more than one radius, simply order extra rolled ribs for use with the same forms. Changeover is quick and simple, done on the site by job personnel. The new rolled ribs will automatically set the new radius to the forms; this will speed assembly and increase forming productivity.

Stacking Panels

Panels can be stacked by bolting the top and bottom ribs of adjacent forms with ¾" Fit-Up Bolts and Nuts. Steel Walkway Brackets may also be bolted to the vertical stiffeners to provide workers safer access to the top of the forms. To provide vertical alignment, Pipe Form Aligners bolt directly to vertical stiffeners.    
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