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Symons heavy duty, all steel, self-spanning forming system for columns, piers and walls.

Max-A-Form combines the labor-saving benefits of modular forming with the strength of an all-steel design. The structurally welded frame and steel face can support concrete loads over long spans without the need for shoring. It is ideal for gang forming walls, large columns or bridge piers.

The Max-A-Form concrete forming system combines a 3/16" steel face with heavy-duty steel crossmembers to support higher pour rates. Panels up to 8' wide are rated at 1500 psf, 9' and 10' wide panels at 1200 psf. The strength of this design virtually eliminates the need for walers and dramatically reduces tie requirements.
The Max-A-Form system consists of more than 100 standard panel sizes that can be engineered for the most demanding concrete forming conditions. This system provides exceptional productivity for large, structural applications.

Wall FormingSimple wall forming

Forms are assembled easily using a ¾" Speed Bolt and Nut. Panels are punched with a combination of holes and slots in both the top and the side framing to allow easy alignment and quick assembly regardless of panel orientation.
Panels are available in more than 100 sizes, from 2' wide by 1' long to 10' wide by 20' long. 12' wide panels are furnished in a maximum of 8' lengths. The large number of filler choices allows more gang and detail flexibility. Large, 200 square foot panels mean fewer pieces, fewer panel joints and less labor to assemble.
Versatile tie systems are available with capacities and configurations to maximize cost effectiveness for each application.
Taper Ties and She-Bolts are used with Plate Washers or Cast Bearing Washers and nuts for efficient flat and battered wall applications. Ultimate loads on Taper Ties are 50,000 or 96,000 lbs. and She-Bolts are 50,000 or 85,000 lbs.
External top and bottom ties are available in several lengths and adjustment ranges to accommodate a wide range of wall thicknesses and special applications.
When assembled in larger gangs, Max-A-Form becomes even more productive. Cycling time is optimized on repetitious forming applications, and the modular design allows quick modifications to meet changing wall forming requirements. With large gangs and easy-to-use support equipment like the Max-A-Form Anchor Clamps, crane time is kept

 to a minimum.

Beams and Pier Caps

The Max-A-Form 3/16" steel face and integrated structural steel frame provide support over long spans with no need for labor intensive shoring. This is especially useful for beam and pier cap applications where shoring support is impossible.
Productivity is further enhanced during setting and stripping, because crane time is reduced. Cap forms can be picked as a single unit or in large assemblies.
Stability Beams and Pier Cap Braces, Spreader Beams, Top Tie/Lift Brackets, Bottom Ties with Swivel Screw Jacks, Walkway Brackets, and other Max-A-Form accessories also are available for self-spanning applications.
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