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EZ-ClipGuard is ideal for protecting concrete storm drain openings from silt and debris


They can also be used in metal frames with curb openings.  EZ-ClipGuard is available in all standard sizes plus custom models are also available. EZ-ClipGuard installs easily into the storm drain opening, just slide into place.

It is made of a high flow material that allows 192 gal/ft2/min. It is also offered as a debris only model which is made from a mesh material, having quarter inch square openings. This allows a very high flow, but keeping out debris, such as trash. Another model in the development stage is the EZ-ClipGuard hydracarbon model. It will incorporate a polymer that will solidify hydracarbons.

These models will be re-usable after each use. You remove the EZ-ClipGuard; clean by spraying out sediment and debris. The hydracarbon will have a replaceable pad that will have to be replaced.

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