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Dewatering Bag

The Standard dewatering bag compared  to the Pump-IT Tubes:

Standard dewatering bags are made of a non-woven material. The flow rate for the standard dewatering bag is 95 gal/min/ft2 versus 195gal/min/ft2 for the Pump-It Tube.

The flow rate difference allows the Pump-It Tube to operate at a higher flowing rate and allowing the pump to run at a higher pumping rate. This will allow for more productivity on your job site.

The standard dewatering bags come in standard sizes 3x3, 6x6, 10x15, and 15x15. Compared to the Pump-It Tube,a  standard dewatering bags take up considerably more space on the job site.

A 15ft x 15ft dewatering bag is replaced by a 40 inch x 20 ft Pump-It Tube.

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