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Pump-It Tube

These dewatering bags are known as the Pump-It Tubes







The Pump-It Tube is ideal for removing sediment when dewatering collection ponds, sumps, trenches, etc. The Pump-It Tube attaches easily to pipes and hoses with a Velcro strip (included), stainless steel strap, or heavy zip tie. It is made of a high flow material that allows 192gal/ft2/min. The Pump-It Tube comes in a variety of sizes depending on the amount of discharge from the pump that is being used. Handles are sewn along the length of the tube to aide in mobility.

The Pump-It Tube allows the user to pump out the sediment without slowing the pumps discharge like other dewatering bags on the market.

The Pump-It Tubes comes in various models ranging from sediment only to  removing hydracarbons.

The Pump-It Tubes can also be manufactured using a green material. The material is made with 98% recycled material.

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