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Silt Filter Logs

The Silt Filter Log is a unique product that replaces several applications of standard silt fence installations.

The Silt Filter Log installs easily, just lay it in place where it is needed as a BMP for protecting your jobsite from stormwater runoff. It is connected by using Velcro couplings, this ensures a running length of protection. When installed in dirt the Silt Filter Log is held in placing U brackets over the logs. This keeps them in place.

When the Silt Filter Logs are used on asphalt, concrete, or other hard surface, you will need to install roughco rock bags on the downside of the logs. The Silt Filter Logs are made using a tube made of a reinforced high flowing material, allowing 192 gal/ft2/min . The tubes are inserted over a coir log, straw wattle, or any other product in that category. The tube protects the inside product from collecting silt, this allows the product to be reused from job to job. The tubes can be cleaned by spraying out sediment.

The Silt Filter Logs come in a variety of sizes to accommodate the size of the logs being used. The Silt Filter Logs can be used several times over. When one job is completed, simply remove Velcro couplings and brackets. The Silt Filter Logs are manufactured with handles for easy handling.

The Silt Filter Logs can also be used as ditch checks replacing rock bags, and short term inlet protection.

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