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MasterEmaco T 545 Very Rapid-Setting Chemical Action Mortar 50lb Bag

CHE 51701276 MasterEmaco T 545 Very Rapid-Setting Chemical Action Mortar 50

MasterEmaco T 545 is a one-component magnesium phosphate-based mortar. Offered in two formulations: T 545 for ambient and substrate temperatures below 85° F (29° C) and T 545HT for ambient and substrate temperatures ranging from 85 to 100° F (29 to 38° C).

Recommended uses:

  • Interior and exterior
  • Horizontal and formed vertical overhead repairs
  • Applications requiring high early-strength gain
  • Structural concrete repairs
  • Partial and full-depth repairs
  • Cold temperature repairs grouting applications such as anchor bolts, rebar, dowel rods and precast applications, e component to just add water and mix
  • Takes rubber tire traffic in 45 minutes, Wide temperature use range from below freezing to hot weather exposures
  • Air cure only, no wet curing compounds required
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion similar to Portland cement concrete for more permanent repairs
  • Higher sulfate resistance than conventional mortars


  • Reaches 2,000 psi compressive strength in 1 hour to rapidly return repairs to service
  • Very low drying shrinkage for improved bond to concrete for repair and anchoring, applications
  • Resistant to freeze/thaw cycles and deicing chemicals so it is usable in most environments

Formerly known as SET 45

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