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3.5 gallon TriPoxy Coated Sprayer with Viton™ Seals for the Concrete Professional. Viton Sprayer comes with seals and gaskets, TriPoxy steel tank with large tri-lock opening, brass spray handle, wand and nozzle, brass pump, concrete additives, brass extension and a brass shutt-off.


  • Viton® Seals and Gaskets
  • TriPoxy Steel Tank with large Tri-Lock opening
  • Brass Spray Handle, Wand and Nozzle
  • Brass Pump


Chapin Industrial Concrete Sprayer With Dripless Shut-off - 3.5G


  • 3.5-Gallon Tri-Poxy tank for durability and a 4-inch wide mouth opening for easy filling and cleaning
  • Compatible for most professional concrete applications, suitable for homeowners too (check chemical manufacturers instructions)
  • Professional dripless Shut-off with Comfort Grip lock-on/off feature, brass wand and nozzle
  • Viton seals and gaskets designed to handle a variety of chemicals (check chemical manufacturers instructions)
  • Unique Tri-Lock seal feature that locks the pump cap tight

"2.0 gallon industrial poly sprayer for cleaning and degreasing. Now with 40% more pump volume per stroke. Viton® seals and gaskets, Poly shut-off with lock-on feature, Pressure relief valve, SureSpray® Anti-clog Filter, Industries: Cleaning/Degreasing, Applications: Concrete Additives, Lock-On Feature: Locks sprayer in spray mode to reduce fatigue Metal Industrial Pump Handle: Chapin industrial die cast handle, Open Head: Large four inch opening for easy filling and cleaning,


  • Poly Extension: Includes a poly extension
  • Poly Tank: Polyethylene tanks which are non-corrosive to most fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, lightweight and durable
  • Reinforced Hose: Reinforced hose,
  • SureSpray® Anti-Clog Filter
  • Patented in-tank filter that keeps debris from entering the hose, shut-off and nozzle
  • Viton Seals: Equipped with Viton® Seals in necessary key areas
  • Viton® is a brand of synthetic rubber and fluoropolymer elastomer commonly used in o-rings and other molded or extruded goods

3.5 gallon TriPoxy coated Sprayer with Xtreme™ Seals for the Concrete Professional,  Industries: Cleaning/Degreasing, Concrete, Decorative Concrete, Applications: Concrete Additives, Brass Extension: Includes a brass extension, Lock-On Feature: Locks sprayer in spray mode to reduce fatigue, Open Head: Large four inch opening for easy filling and cleaning, Tri-Lock: Chapin large opening for industrial sprayers. The 3-prong patented design creates a strong, even seal for safe pressurizing, TriPoxy Tank: The TriPoxy coating on the interior of Chapin metal tanks provides better resistance from corrosion than uncoated metal, Xtreme™ Viton Seals: An encapsulated viton seal designed to withstand high concentrations of acetone and other harsh chemicals.


  • Xtreme™ Viton® seals and Gaskets
  • TriPoxy Steel Tank with Large Tri-Lock opening
  • Brass Spray handle, wand and Nozzle
  • Brass Pump

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