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Carlisle Barritech VP Vapor Permeable Air Barrier 5 Gallon

CRL 310647 Carlisle Barritech VP Vapor Permeable Air Barrier 5 Gallon from

Barritech VP is a single-component air-drying, fluid applied membrane applied to exterior wall assemblies where it functions as an air and water barrier. It is fully adhere, flexible and rubber-like membrane and provides a momolitic, barrier able to bridge cracks and seal around penetrations.

Features and Benefits:

  • Fire-resistant composition permits use in many wall assemblies requiring NFPA 285
  • Dries to a distinctive blue color for easy identification (lighter blue color when wet)
  • 180-day UV resistance allows flexibility in schedule
  • Vapor-permeable feature permits use in wall assemblies where a vapor barrier is not needed
  • Non-flammable & fume-free composition contributes to safety during installation
  • Easy, water clean-up of tools & equipment reduces harmful chemicals on the jobsite
  • Spray-through standard, one-part equipment provides a simple and quick installation
  • Monolithic coverage and self-sealing properties around fasteners enable an air and watertight installation
  • Non-asphalt composition permits contact with many window and joint sealants
  • Fire Resist Barritech VP is a warranted air/vapor barrier system from Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing
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