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MasterEmaco N 425 NS Repair Mortar for Vertical & Overhead 43lb Bag

CHE 51676154 MasterEmaco N 425 NS Repair Mortar for Vertical & Overhead 43l

MasterEmaco N 425 is a one-component fast-setting polymer modified portland cement-based repair mortar for vertical and overhead concrete and masonry surfaces Available in 43lb bags.

Recommended uses:

  • Interior and exterior
  • Vertical and overhead
  • Above and below grade
  • Spalls or holes in concrete
  • Deteriorated edges


  • Non-sag consistency able to be placed in 2"(51 mm) thick lifts
  • Readily sculpted, shaved, and finished to match existing substrate
  • Very low chloride permeability and an integral corrosion inhibitor protects reinforcing steel
  • Only requires the addition of potable water,


  • Low shrinkage produces stable, durable bond
  • Lightweight microscopic beads improve vertical and overhead workability
  • Polymer modification improves adhesion and provides increased freeze/thaw stability

Formerly known as Gel Patch

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