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WR Meadows Sure-Step Slip Resistant Additive 16oz For 5 Gal

WRM 3567116 Meadows Sure-Step 16oz For 5 Gal from Carter-Waters

Sure-Step slip-resistant additive is a finely ground polymer material for addition to concrete sealers for slip resistance. This additive can be added to most film-forming water- and solvent-based sealers, including the CS-309™, DECRA-SEAL™, and VOCOMP® series, as well as TIAH® and SEAL CURE™-309-25 from W. R. MEADOWS.


  • This product has low density and insolubility characteristics to help reduce settling and provide optimum performance in its various applications, without changing the viscosity
  • Due to its low density, SURE-STEP stays suspended in thin materials

Recommended Uses:

  • SURE-STEP is perfect for use on areas where a non-slip surface is desired
  • This includes walkways, driveways, garage floors, patios, and other surfaces


  • Provides improved chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Does not change viscosity
  • Allows easy cleaning of the surface
  • Provides a smoother feel under foot
  • Slip-resistant
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