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MasterFlow 100 General Construction, Mineral-Aggregate Non-Shrink Grout 50lb Bag

CHE 51669264 MasterFlow 100 General Construction, Mineral-Aggregate Non-Shr

MasterFlow 100 is a non-catalyzed, multi-purpose construction grout containing mineral aggregate

Recommended uses:

  • Interior and exterior
  • Normal loads for columns and base plates
  • Bedding grout for precast panels
  • Repairing of cavities resulting from ineffective concrete consolidation
  • Caulking concrete pipe
  • Backfilling, underpinning foundations, and pressure grouting of slabs needing alignment
  • General construction applications
  • Damp pack applications


  • Concrete gray color (after curing) blends in with surrounding concrete
  • No accelerators, including chlorides or other similar salts, will not contribute to corrosion of reinforcing steel



  • Can be extended with clean, well-graded coarse aggregate to fill large voids
  • Hardens free of bleeding when properly placed and yields a high effective bearing area for proper support and load transfer
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