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Meadows Seal Cure 309-25 Concrete Curing and Sealing Compound 5/gal

WRM 3515005 Meadows Seal Cure 309-25 Concrete Curing and Sealing Compound 5

Hazardous material cannot ship by air transportation. LTL shipping is required.

CS-309-25 acrylic curing and sealing compound is a clear, transparent, ready-to-apply, non-yellowing liquid compound formulated from special acrylic polymers and quick-evaporating solvents that effectively cures and seals freshly placed concrete.

Once properly applied, CS-309-25 provides a premiumgrade film for optimum moisture retention. This produces a hard, dense, high compressive strength concrete. CS-309-25 will minimize hair-checking as well as premature cracking, dusting, spalling, and other common defects that result when concrete is not properly cured.

This easy-to-use compound dries quickly and protects the concrete during construction. It resists adhesion of mortar droppings and permits easier cleanup.

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