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Kraft Double Button Clip 1-3/4" Diameter

KRA CC289-01 Kraft Double Button Clip 1-3/4" Diameter from Carter-Waters

1-3/4" Diameter Double Button Replacement Clip. Spring steel creates this flexible button clip that is used with button handles with 2 holes. The clip naturally wants to spread out with the button sitting securely within the hole to secure it. Simply pushing the buttons in releases the handle for a quick change. Use with button handles to connect to brackets, inserts, and other handles


  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Use with lightweight aluminum handles
  • Keep one handy in your Kraft Tool Tilt Brackets
  • A simple squeeze release for a quick release


  • Weight 0.50 LB
  • Length 3.25"
  • Width 3.124"
  • Height 0.5"
  • Material: Spring Steel Color Silver
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