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MasterEmaco S 488CI Sprayable, Structural Repair w/Integral Inhibitor 55lb Bag

CHE 51671702 MasterEmaco S 488CI Sprayable, Structural Repair w/Integral In

MasterEmaco S 488CI repair mortar is a one-component, shrinkage-compensated, fiber-reinforced product that contains an integral corrosion inhibitor. It can be applied vertically or overhead by low-pressure spraying or hand troweling.

Recommended uses:

  • Interior and exterior
  • Vertical and overhead
  • Severe service environments such as sewer, lift stations, marine structures, and water collection


  • Only requires the addition of potable water
  • Achieves a tenacious bond to substrate without the need for a bonding agent
  • Very low chloride permeability and an integral corrosion inhibitor protects reinforcing steel
  • ANSI/NSF 61 certified for drinking water systems


  • Low-pressure sprayability improves placement speed and minimizes rebound for low waste
  • Sulfate-resistant and freeze/thaw durable for use in harsh environments
  • High early and ultimate compressive, flexural, and bond strengths for long-lasting, durable repairs
  • Low shrinkage produces stable, durable bond

Formerly known as Emaco

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