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Max USA Re-Bar Tier Tool #3x#3 #5x#6 RB398

Max USA Re-Bar Tier #3x#3 #5x#6 RB398 from Carter-Waters

Reduces Tying Time:

  • 5 times faster than manual tying. Makes ties in less than 1sec. per tie with consistent tie strength. High speed tying saves you time and money.

Li-Ion Higher Capacity Battery:

  • Thanks to the Lithium-lon battery technology, the RB398 ties approx. 2,600 ties per charge (Old model RB397 : 2,000 ties per charge), which is 5 times more than Ni-Cd model. Less charging time means more productive work on the jobsites. Also, Lithium-Ion battery has no Memory Effect so you can charge the battery whenever convenient.

Brushless Twisting Motor:

  • The brushless electric motor offers higher efficiency and longer life. It increases ties per charge by 35% comparing with older model motor and does not require service caused by brush erosion or dirt on commutator.

Reduces Risk Of Health Problems:

  • Just pull the trigger, this simple operation reduces potential wrist damage such as carpal tunnel injuries. Using the optional extension bar reduces the risk of back injuries.

Ergonomics and reduction in the probability of an injury:

  • (NIOSH report)
  • (CSAO report)

Light Weight & Compact Body:

  • Weighs only 5.3lbs, Easy to handle.

One Hand Operation:

  • Allows worker to hold re-bar while tying, reducing set up time.

Auto Shutoff:

  • Auto shutoff features extends battery life.

Belt Hook:

  • Reversible belt hook eliminates bulky holster and keeps tool handy and safe.

USES TW898 Wire:

  • Uses only MAX genuine TW898, TW898-PC and TW898-EG wire.

New Enclosed Design:

  • Tool is better sealed to keep dirt and debris out of tool to extend tool life.

New Blow Out Channels:

  • MAX recommends daily blow out of tool with compressed air and has added blow out channels to ease cleaning.
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