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Areas & Volumes (Formulas)


Area=Square of Diameter x 0.7854 or Square of Radius x 3.1416

Circumference= Diameter x 3.1416

Diameter=Circumference x .3183
Doubling diameter increases area four times; tripling diameter increases area nine times, etc...

Area of circular ring = 3.1416 x (outside diameter squared minus inside diameter squared)



Area=square of side

Diagonal=side x 1.4142

Side=diagonal x 0.7071



Area= Length x Width

Diagonal= Square root of sum of squares of width and length



Area of Surface=square of side x 6

Volume=Cube of side

Diagonal=Side x 1.732



Area of Curved Surface=diameter x length x 3.1416

Volume=square of diameter x  length x 0.7854



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