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Basic Mortar Information

Mortar Types, Strengths and Uses:

Type 'M' has a 2,500 psi compressive strength. Used for:

  • below grade
  • load bearing masonry work
  • chimneys
  • brick manholes


Type 'S' has a 1,800 psi compressive strength. Used for:

  • below grade
  • above grade
  • foundation walls
  • brick manholes
  • retaining walls
  • sewers
  • brick walkways
  • patios


Type 'N' has a 750 psi compressive strength. Used as:

  • general purpose mortar
  • above grade work (exterior and interior)
  • load bearing installations


Type 'O' has a 350 psi compressive strength. Used for:

  • tuckpointing


*The Type 'S' Spec Mix mortar is a good, general purpose mortar.  This type is used on nearly all of the commercial sites due to its versatility.

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