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Green Products

How a product can be considered Green

A Green product is one that produces little or no negative effects on the environment or allows for the conservation of energy or other materials.  It is important to point out that any one material on its own may not be considered Green, nor does LEED certify individual products.  Green Building is about matching a product to a site so that the application both during and after construction exhibits sustainable qualities.
The different Green Building organizations have their own criteria for determining the Green qualities of an application and how many points it may merit in their rating system.  There are, however, general categories of Green applications that are consistent across the different organizations.  Applications may be considered Green and may qualify for LEED or other credits based on any of the following intended effects or conditions:

  • Having high durability or low-maintenance: promoting a long usage life.
  • Products that save energy or water, or reduce/filter storm water runoff.
  • Those manufactured from pre- or post-consumer recycled materials or which have little manufacturing impact (minimally processed materials like natural stone).
  • Products which reduce the usage of other materials (i.e. concrete floor stains that eliminate need for conventional floor coverings.)
  • Products which improve indoor air quality.
  • Products produced locally.
  • Products contributing to a safe environment (low or no-VOC, formaldehyde-free, etc.)
  • Innovation in design

This list is certainly not comprehensive.  It does, however, illustrate the wide variety of intended effects which LEED and other bodies recognize as contributing to sustainable building practices and the corresponding variety of products which may be used in Green applications.

Stetson Building Products, Inc. will not be independently designating any one product or line as Green.  We will, however, promote those products which the manufacturers have designated as such.

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